HAVANT ROAD - Gillman Road to Rectory Avenue

Safety Notice
Please take care when walking on the surface as it may take time to fully cool.
If you walk or cycle on the road and you get bitumen on your clothes or shoes, it can be removed with a proprietary cleaner.
Look out for your pets walking on the new surface especially if your cat is out roaming or when walking your dog.

Staying safe during the Coronavirus Pandemic
Please help us stay safe and continue working during the pandemic. We have reviewed the way we work to keep the public and staff safe. If you are near where we are working, please follow the guidelines set by the government.


When are the works taking place?
The works will start on Thursday 15 April and will take up to 20 working days/nights to complete, weather permitting.
Preparatory works will begin on Thursday 15 April for 12 days and will be carried out under lane closures. Our working hours for day works at 9:30am—3:30pm.
There will be night time closures from Tuesday 4 May. Our working hours will be 9pm—5am. There will be no weekend working. Diversions will be in place and the road will be reopened during the day.

What impact could the roadworks have on me?
Road users are advised to expect some delays and use alternative routes where possible. Please also allow extra time for journeys. We will endeavour to maintain vehicular access for businesses, however, this will be restricted at times. Footways will be open for pedestrians.

There will be no on-street parking in the area of works during excavation, surfacing and road markings. Please be advised that any vehicle hindering or obstructing our operations will need to be moved under the Portsmouth City Council LCR Resurfacing - Various Roads) (Temporary Prohibition of Driving and Waiting) (No.82) Order 2020.

Thursday 15 April to Wednesday 30 April*

Preparatory works on the section of the road to be treated

Tuesday 4 May to Monday 10 May**

Excavation of current surface

Wednesday 5 May to Tuesday 11 May**

Laying of new
surface and road markings

Wednesday 12 May—Thursday 13 May**

Completion of outstanding road markings and antiskid

*Lane closures between 9:30am—3:30pm with possibility of temporary traffic signals if required
**Road closure between 9pm—5am

Will the work be noisy?
Some aspects of this work will be noisy, mostly the excavation of the road
surface which starts on Tuesday 4 May. There will also be bleepers from our
vehicles when reversing, these are mandatory for health and safety reasons.
We will endeavour to keep all noise to a minimum and your patience on this matter is appreciated.

Why are you doing this?
We are contracted to maintain the roads and pavements in the city.
This section of Havant Road has been highlighted as requiring resurfacing works to increase the longevity of the road.

What precautions should I take during the road works?
Do not walk or cycle on the newly laid, hot surface. If you walk or cycle on the road by mistake, please check that you don’t have bitumen on your shoes or bike. In the event that you do get bitumen on your clothes or shoes, it can be removed with an appropriate cleaner. Please also look out for your pets walking on the new surface especially cats who may be out roaming around.

Bus information
The following buses will be diverted during working hours from Tuesday 4 May:

Service 21 
From Havant 21.00 22.25
From Portsmouth 20.37 21.07 22.07 23.07 

Service 23
Leigh Park 20.25 20.55 21.25 21.55 22.25 22.55
Southsea 20.45 21.15 21.45 22.15 22.45 23.15 23.45

the diversion will be from the Rusty Cutter Roundabout via the A27 to Eastern Road.