TANGIER ROAD - Sword Sands Path to Eastern Road


Due to poor weather conditions, the Tangier Road resurfacing is postponed to Monday 5 October for two nights.

Safety Notice
Please take care when walking on the surface as it may take time to fully cool.
 If you walk or cycle on the road and you get bitumen on your clothes or shoes, it can be removed with a proprietary cleaner.
Look out for your pets walking on the new surface especially when walking your dog.

Please help us stay safe and continue working during the pandemic. We have reviewed the way we work to keep the public and staff safe. If you are near where we are working, please maintain social distancing and follow the signage.


When are the works taking place?
The works will start on Tuesday 5 January 2021 and will take up to 27 working days to complete, weather permitting.  Our working hours will be 8:00-17:00 during the day, and night time working hours will be 19:30—5:30. There will be no weekend working.



Day works

5 January  - 15 January

Footway Closure—Westbound
cycleway will be utilised as footway

Night works

18 January—22 January

Westbound road closure on Tangier Road
to complete 100 metre section
approaching Eastern Road
The Eastbound lane will remain open

There will be clear, signed diversions in place

Day works

18 January —  10 February

Footway Closure—Westbound
cycleway will be utilised as footway

Why are you doing this?
We are contracted by Portsmouth City Council to maintain the roads and pavements in the city. Tangier Road has been highlighted as requiring pavement works to increase the longevity of the footway. 

Will the work be noisy?
There will be some aspects of this work which will be noisy, mostly during the breaking out of the existing surface. There will also be bleepers from our vehicles when reversing, these are mandatory for health and safety reasons. We will endeavour to keep all noise to a minimum and your patience in this matter is appreciated. 

Where can I find out more information about this work?
For more information you can contact us on 023 92 310900. Our Twitter page is updated daily with information about work in your area. Please follow @ColasPortsmouth.

Will this affect the bus route?
There will be no affect to bus routes.