Close Boarded Hoarding

  1. A minimum 1.2 metre unobstructed, pedestrian footpath is to be observed at all times. In the event of hoarding or fencing encroaching on the footpath, the applicant shall ensure a convenient covered platform of a minimum of 1.2 metres wide and a hand-rail to serve as a footway, outside the hoarding or fence.
  2. The applicant shall maintain the hoarding or fence and any such platform and hand-rail as foresaid in good condition to the satisfaction of Colas Ltd during such time as Colas Ltd may require.
  3. The applicant shall sufficiently light the hoarding or fence and any such platform or
    hand-rail during the hours of darkness.
  4. The applicant shall remove the hoarding or fence and any such platform and hand-rail when required by Colas Ltd.


  1. The applicant shall be responsible for watching and lighting at all times any obstructions placed on the public highway and shall indemnify Colas Ltd from and against all claims and proceedings arising either directly or indirectly from the grant of this Permit.
  2. The applicant shall pay the cost of reinstating any portion of the road or footpath damaged during building operations.
  3. Scaffolding shall be set back at least 225 mm from the kerb.
  4. Where a gantry is constructed over the public footpath a platform of a minimum of 1.2 metres shall be provided with a hand-rail to serve as footway for pedestrians outside the gantry.
  5. The applicant shall comply with any direction which may be given in respect of the erection and maintenance of traffic signs.

Note: A person aggrieved by any terms or conditions attached to this consent may appeal to a Magistrate’s Court within 21 days.

Scaffolding to be left opened at footway level to allow passengers to pass under a close boarded and felted platform to be proved 2.4 metres above the footway for the protection of pedestrians using the footway.

The following precautions are to be taken to ensure no damage or staining is caused to the public footpath during scaffold and/or hoarding erection, whilst work is in progress and upon removal.

  1. Sleepers provided on outside of scaffolding.
  2. Poles painted white.
  3. Hand-rail on scaffolding.

If this application is for consent under Section 169 of the Highways Act 1980 in respect of hoardings erected upon or overhanging the public highway then before advertisements, within the meaning of the Town and Country Planning Act (Control of Advertisements) Regulations, are displayed on the said hoardings the written consent of the Head of Highway Management Section of Colas Ltd shall first be obtained. Any payments of receipts shall be apportioned between Colas Ltd and the applicant in equal shares.

The Scaffold/Hoarding licence will only become valid once Colas Ltd are in receipt of a duly signed copy of the licence.


  1. It is an offence to drive bars or set out pins into the Public Footway or to deposit any building materials or rubbish in any street without the consent of Colas Ltd acting for and on behalf of the Highway Authority.
  2. Contractors should communicate with all Public Utilities to ascertain the exact position of any of their mains.
  3. Permit fees are £50.00 + VAT per month