Capital Works

The Capital Works team complete Life Cycle Replacement (LCR) works on Portsmouth's roads and footways. This involves resurfacing them when they come to the end of their life cycle.

Roads – the team develop an LCR programme each year, in partnership with PCC, to tackle the roads most in need of resurfacing. Roads are regularly surveyed to identify those that may be falling below the required standard and these are programmed in accordingly. Due to the high traffic volumes in the city, it is often necessary to carry out this work overnight and Colas do this to minimise traffic disruption during the day and in particular during rush-hour traffic.

Footways – as with the roads, Colas develop an LCR programme, in partnership with PCC, for resurfacing footpaths and pavements. Colas survey and assess footways to identify whether they are fit for purpose and safe for users and those most in need to resurfacing will be programmed into the LCR programme for resurfacing.