Network Services

Colas' Network Management Team coordinates all works carried out across Portsmouth to ensure there are no conflicts and the traffic moves as freely as possible. The team also manage the road network so anybody working on the highway does so in accordance with government regulations and guidelines.

Road Works Co-ordination - One of the key tasks the Network Management Team does is to co-ordinate road works across the city, including that of other organisations who may want to work on Portsmouth's highways. This can be utility companies i.e. gas, electric or water companies as well as private works.

Approvals - The team manages road works and is responsible for approving any changes to the layout of any roads and pavements, such as entrance markings and vehicle access.

Licences - The team also manage the issuing of licences for skips, building materials, scaffolding, street works and cranes. Any person or organisation wishing to use or leave such items on the public highway must have a licence to do so. To complete an application visit the licences and permits page.

Inspections - A team of inspectors is responsible for inspecting all work on the highway including that of Colas and any other organisation, to ensure they meet strict safety criteria.