Highway Maintenance

Our Highways Maintenance Team are responsible for looking after the roads, pavements, gullies, road markings, street furniture, grounds maintenance and trees across the Portsmouth network.

Inspections - A team of Colas Safety Inspectors walk the city’s streets on a monthly and 6-monthly basis to check the highway for defects, or any other safety issues. These are then reported to our maintenance team who programme in the works to rectify any problems.

Potholes & Paving - The Maintenance Team carry out repairs depending on their severity. Safety repairs are attended to within 24 hours, while other works will be planned and carried out within 6 months.

Drains & Gullies - The team’s robust gully cleansing programme is instrumental in preventing major flooding in Portsmouth during heavy rainstorms. The team clean all the city’s drains and gullies over a 2-year cycle, as well as reacting to ad-hoc reports of blockages.

Safety Barriers/Fencing - Safety barriers and fences are there to ensure the public’s safety and it is the maintenance teams’ job to ensure they are repaired or replaced once reported.

Street Furniture - The Maintenance Team ensure that all of the city’s street furniture including signs, bollards, benches, cycle racks etc. are maintained and replaced when required.

Road Markings - For the safety of both drivers and pedestrians, road markings are inspected on a 2 year cycle and any that do not meet requirements are refreshed or re-painted.

Grounds Maintenance - The grounds maintenance team carryout the grass cutting of embankments and verges across the city, as well as maintaining 9700 trees, shrub pruning and new planting.