Poor street lighting can lead to an increased risk of road accidents and higher crime levels. Colas' experienced Electrical Team look after all aspects of street lighting across the city keeping the streets well lit and safe.

Street Lights - The Electrical Team carry out reactive maintenance on the city's streetlights as required. In addition, the team follow a maintenance programme to bulk replace and clean lamps.

Signs and Bollards - The team is also responsible for ensuring all signs and bollards are well lit and maintain them as required.

Subway Fittings, School Beacons and Crossing Lights - The team also maintain subway light fittings, school beacons and crossing lights across the city.

Scouting - A dedicated night patrol team scout Portsmouth's pavements during the hours of darkness in order to check the lighting across the city and report any defects.

Traffic Signals - Colas are responsible for the maintenance only of traffic signals, this includes lamp outages, damaged posts, twisted or hit signal heads. Portsmouth City Council are responsible for the timings of all traffic signals.